About Omni Coating Ltd.

Omni Coating Ltd. is a Vancouver based industrial flooring company that offers reliable, time and quality based services in Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and entire BC. For nearly two decades, both home, commercial and industrial customers relly on our services in the area of interior and exterior surfaces restoration and decoration.


We train our people and use modern equipment to install the best quality surfaces. We specialize in commercial and residential decorative, lasting and inexpensive flooring solutions.

Seamless Floors

Seamless floors are slip-resistant, sanitary, and easy to maintain. They don’t require stripping or waxing. These floors can be enhanced with antimicrobial agents which prevents growth of any bacteria making them ideal for hospitals, restaurants, food stores and processing plants.

Kitchen, Cooler and Bar Floor Sloping and Polyurethane Mortar System Flooring

Kitchen, cooler and bar floor sloping and polyurethane mortar system flooring Mortar...

11th Dec

West Vancouver Pool Deck – Repair and Resurfacing

Material used: Epoxy gravel and Decorative epoxy mortar and broadcast  

13th Nov

Rogers Arena New Tower Expansion and Restaurants

Recently completed metallic epoxy flooring installation in new Rogers Arena expansion ....

13th Nov
Rogers Arena

Flexible, UV Resistant and Non Slippery Epoxy Floor

DELTA PORT, Maintenance Department Two coats of special flexible, UV resistant and...

21st Apr

Epoxy Coating and Seamless Flooring

Omni Coating Ltd. has been installing high performance floor coatings for nearly...

06th Jan
Henderson Place Mall 4

Non-slip Metallic Epoxy System With Integral Cove Base

Rogers Arena Washrooms Renovation Project Non slip metallic epoxy system with integral cove...

18th Dec

Example of Metallic Epoxy System With Anti-slip Texture

Example of metallic epoxy system with anti-slip texture .Washrooms at Rogers arena, May...

29th May
photo 3

Happy Holidays From Omni Coating Ltd.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and all of the best for...

20th Dec
Happy Holidays

About Omni Coating Ltd.

Omni Coating Ltd. is a Vancouver based specialty flooring company that offers...

23rd Apr
GM Place Display Ice Rink

By 2020 Vancouver will be the Greenest City in the world

  Omni Coating Ltd. goal is to comply, as much as possible,...

02nd Jan

From Start to Finish – Blarney Stone Restaurant, Beer Cooler

17th Jul
Blarney Stone Restaurant,  Beer Cooler, Final Stage

Compare our Solution to Natural Stone

04th Jul
Our Solution